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Our Story

GAINTECH CAPITAL is a diversified investment group that is focused in the area of batteries and energy conversion.

GAINTECH does not just provide capital; we supply industry, scientific, and business expertise, as well as the critical ability to create tangible integrated battery solutions that can be scaled and deployed in real-world applications.

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What We Do

The Problem:

Creating the energy solutions of the future is challenging. Every year, any number of promising projects fail, not because they are bad ideas or products, but because they don't have the resources they need to succeed. And we are not just talking about money;  emerging companies in this sector require a level of expertise and guidance in addition to adequate funding to reach their true potential. Many just run out of runway.

Our Solution:

GAINTECH takes a holistic approach that is focused on truly elevating innovation. We are equipped to help nurture new and emerging technologies by providing support in the form of capital, business expertise and, most importantly, a deep understanding of the science.

We know what it takes to build and bring viable technology to market and we exist to support these efforts every step of the way. We proactively make sure the runway is there for a project to really take off.

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Tad Lagestee


Tad is a serial entrepreneur whose long term vision is to help in the achievement of the United Nation's long term goals for sustainable development. With GAINTECH, he looks to bring emerging energy technologies into the real world ecosystem and build a better future for all.


James Fleetwood, PhD


James has worked for over a decade to develop novel energy technologies and the companies around them.  Through his work as part of the initial start up team at the Battery Innovation Center, he understands the needs of balancing time with tight budgets, strict technical development requirements, infrastructure procurement, team building, and networking.


Rick Doty

Investment Analyst/Brand Evangelist

Rick comes to GAINTECH with nearly a decade in the renewable energy space. His skills and experience in operations, brand management, fundraising, and relationship building make him ideally suited to his role as Brand Evangelist.

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How We Can Help

Our Value Proposition

For Innovators

GAINTECH offers ways to support your work through direct funding, scientific support, as well as business and marketing guidance. We have built significant public/private relationships that can help our portfolio companies and technologies on an even deeper level and have partnered with grant researchers and writers to build even more opportunity and value.

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For Investors

We provide the opportunity to confidently deploy your investment into the next generation of energy technologies that have the potential to help us adapt to or overcome environmental challenges. The experience and depth of knowledge at GAINTECH assure that technologies are fully vetted and a path for growth and exit is identified.

For Our Industry

GAINTECH is available as a resource or consultant to the renewable energy and investment community writ large. Whether you are looking for a second opinion, have a technical hurdle that we might have an answer for, or if you are looking for your next big opportunity; GAINTECH is prepared to deliver on its unique value proposition with the goal of helping us all GAIN.

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