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Announcing GAINTECH Labs

Updated: May 4, 2022

When we envisioned GAINTECH, we always knew that having our own facility was going to be part of our model; with that, GAINTECH proudly announces GAINTECH Labs! As you may already know, the primary focus of our fund is batteries and the components that go into making them. As a science-focused group, the idea behind having our own facility is actually multifold: 1) Evaluation: GAINTECH Labs gives us the ability to better evaluate and assess the technologies that we are considering investing in. Data points, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations are all great, but the ability to test and validate is essential, particularly if we aren’t completely sure about a given piece of technology. These validation capabilities will not only come in handy for GAINTECH, but should give our investors a high level of confidence when our team says that a piece of battery technology is a strong investment candidate.

2) Collaboration: One thing we have noticed in our collective time in the battery industry is that there isn’t enough emphasis or opportunity for true collaboration. The GAINTECH philosophy includes the notion that the battery “solution” that everyone is looking for and hoping for, isn’t likely to come from a single source. The best battery system is going to be made from an integration of multiple best-of components, not one singular innovation. We also believe that the most likely scenario is that there will be multiple battery chemistries that excel at specific tasks and that each of those technologies will be comprised of the best components and systems for that chemistry. To put it another way, we envision a great battery for devices, another, (perhaps several), for electric vehicles, another for grid storage…you get the picture. GAINTECH believes that the only way this is going to come about is if there are opportunities for collaboration. For individual companies, this can be challenging because companies aren’t always looking outwardly for solutions. Companies can also, (rightfully so), be protective of their technologies and are hesitant to collaborate. Investors, want to know how their specific investment's technology improves the battery performance. An agnostic lab environment, like GAINTECH Labs deprioritizes battery prototypes by mixing multiple innovative components from different start-up companies. GAINTECH and, specifically, GAINTECH Labs, see a potential role in fostering collaboration in the neutral environment of our facility. At GAINTECH Labs, we can test components and integrations there-of from our portfolio companies, or even other companies whose technology we know and understand. We believe the ability to test components that might not otherwise be brought together could potentially yield an outcome that benefits everyone.

3) Consultation: GAINTECH Labs will make itself available as a consultant as well. Priority will naturally be given to our portfolio companies, but we’d be happy to consider working with other science teams and companies to help them advance their progress. Additionally, we can make our team available to other venture and investment groups to aid them in their assessment of an investment even if GAINTECH isn’t part of that investment. GAINTECH is committed to our industry, our community and our environment. GAINTECH Labs is positioned to become a critical component of our approach. To learn more about GAINTECH or GAINTECH Labs, feel free to contact us directly through our website or via LinkedIn and let us show you how GAINTECH can truly bring Value Beyond Capital.

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