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See you at ARPA-e

GAINTECH, in its commitment to truly understanding our industry as well as our individual investments in it and the exciting breakthroughs that occupy it, is looking forward to attending the upcoming ARPA-e Summit in Denver in the coming week. If you aren't familiar, check out the link to the event to see what it's all about: 2022 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit (

For anyone who isn't aware or hasn't attended the event, it is a truly awesome experience. Some of the brightest minds in the energy and clean tech space are there sharing their knowledge and experience and we get to see, firsthand, some of the most innovative scientific work that is happening in our field today. We also get to see where we're headed as a country and who is leading the charge for the future of energy. If you are going to be at the event, we would love to connect with you in Denver. Feel free to drop us a line or direct message and say hello. See you in Denver!

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